Banking Victims For A Future 2020 +


Business – “The objective is to have Banks put things right, redress customers, where they should be redressed, and continue to reinforce our work that Banks really need to earn people’s trust.  Without this redress, through a credible Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS), followed by an appropriate closure and reconciliation process, within each bank, for the last 20 years we will not help this nation and its people, through many small businesses, PROSPER in a post- Brexit United Kingdom”

People – In relation to the People’s UK Mortgage Prisoners – “We do not want to be left behind within our Prime Minister’s hope for our nation. We didn’t deserve this and should not continue to suffer. We insist that our “People’s Government” provide a solution and reflect it in the chancellor’s budget speech on 11th March 2020, to the nation.

Banking Victims For A Future 2020 + is the ‘UMBRELLA’ for the five pillars of banking victims groups: its strength is in each of the Bank – People Leadership / Member groups / Pillars whilst it coordinates political lobbying, media communications and discusses strategy, learning through its “umbrella” leadership team.

Here are the five pillars:

1. Lloyds Remediation Support Group
Lloyds Remediation Support Group
2. NatWest-RBS Remediation Support Group
NatWest-RBS Remediation Support Group
3.  UK Mortgage Prisoners
UK Mortgage Prisoners
4. Virgin Money UK - NAB Remediation Support Group
Virgin Money UK – NAB Remediation Support Group

5. Other Banks and Zurich Dunbar website

BBRS Participating Banks – Barclays, Danske, HSBC and Santander

BBRS Current Non-Participating Banks – such as Zurich Dunbar, Handelsbanken, Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Banks et al


We want to remediate and move on with our lives – It’s good to talk!


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WHY are UK BANKS paying out 'BILLIONS' in DIVIDENDS over the next few weeks?

UK Banks set to lose 'BILLIONS' over #COVID19

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#TuesdayThoughts #SelfEmployedMatterToo


How does 'THE LOCKDOWN' affect 5 MILLION self employed & 000's of small businesses?

Will Government payouts be enough & on time to save them, OR will they be pillaged by banks and insolvency?

Find out what the press is saying

#COVID_19uk #TheLockdown

@thatginamiller @jameshurley Dear Gina us mortgage prisoners are in a dire situation, sold to vulture funds, being charged extortionate rates, forced into debt, lives ruined, futures stolen, would you help fight our cause, to many suffering mental health issues due to being trapped?

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