7th April 2020 – slow burn LAUNCH – Banking Victims For A Future 2020 + (BVF2020+)From today there will be NO further articles added to this website as it is maintenance mode for 2020.


Lloyds RSG “original” Press Release by Joint Group Leader Chandila Fernando (unedited)
(With the final version he was to comment “Attached is the Press Release Version 13. Consequently, this has been unduly time consuming and emails relating to content extraction unfortunate as they are blatant..)


Sat 4 April     – “Definition of “Madness

Sun 5 April    – Perceptions and Learning

Mon 6 April   – “For those who Dare

Tues 7 April  – Spending our Time and prior experiences of “impossible” situations

Wed 8 April  – Credibility makes a Difference


Banking Victims For A Future 2020 +


Business – “The objective is to have Banks put things right, redress customers, where they should be redressed, and continue to reinforce our work that Banks really need to earn people’s trust.  Without this redress, through a credible Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS), followed by an appropriate closure and reconciliation process, within each bank, for the last 20 years we will not help this nation and its people, through many small businesses, PROSPER in a post- Brexit United Kingdom”

People – In relation to the People’s UK Mortgage Prisoners – “We do not want to be left behind within our Prime Minister’s hope for our nation. We didn’t deserve this and should not continue to suffer. We insist that our “People’s Government” provide a solution and reflect it in the chancellor’s budget speech on 11th March 2020, to the nation.

Banking Victims For A Future 2020 + is the ‘UMBRELLA’ for the four pillars of banking victims groups: its strength is in each of the Bank – People Leadership / Member groups / Pillars whilst it coordinates political lobbying, media communications and discusses strategy, learning through its “umbrella” leadership team.

Here are the four pillars on slow-burn launch date, Tuesday 7th April 2020:

1. Lloyds Remediation Support Group
Lloyds Remediation Support Group
2. NatWest-RBS Remediation Support Group
NatWest-RBS Remediation Support Group
3. Virgin Money UK - NAB Remediation Support Group
Virgin Money UK – NAB Remediation Support Group

4. Other BBRS Banks and Non-Participating “UK Finance” Members & Zurich Dunbar, Remediation Support Group

Other BBRS Banks and Non-Participating “UK Finance” Members & Zurich Dunbar, Remediation Support Group

BBRS Participating Banks – Barclays, Danske, HSBC and Santander and examples of BBRS Current UK Finance Non-Participating Banks – such as Handelsbanken, TSB, Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Bank et al, and non-member, Zurich Dunbar, 


We want to remediate and move on with our lives – It’s good to talk!


Some news items here


Bank Victims For A Future 2020 + Twitter Feed

@centralbank_ie @fortfield

Can Promontoria (Chestnut) Ltd an Irish FVC with 110 status, securitise and NOT be bankruptcy remote?

They are pursuing @CYBGHungrStrike for a personal guarantee in Court, are they still bankruptcy remote?

@Hercules_12th @FarndonDavid @APPGbanking

Bold action for 200 k + Mortgage Prisoners
12 years we have been paying around 3 x more for mortgages- lost homes/suicidal
Emergency law- ALL inactive mortgage lenders can't charge more than 1 or 1.5% above BOE
Collateral damage since 2008 banking crisis & NOW drowning

Some unregulated funds are still threatening to repossess homes occupied by #mortgageprisoners during the coronavirus pandemic, MPs have warned - Story going live soon. @APPGbanking @APPGMortgage

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